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Bromfield View

Client: Private Client

Architect: CAPA Studios

Images: Silvertone Photography

Location: Kelmscott

Building Size: 320m2

Completed: 2018


Bromfield View Private Residence

Located on possibly one of the most desirable hillside properties situated on the Darling Scape with uninterrupted views through to the city and a living ambience second to none in the southern escarpment. 

This Custom Home perched on a steep block dances and integrates with the landscape and contours of this steep sloping hillside lot. The high-quality residence combines a striking mix of natural and man-made finishes to produce an elegant living environment for the owners with use of the construction into the earth to have minimal reliance on artificial heating and cooling. To combat the challenges of the site, heavily insulated framed construction was used to provide a light and floating platform for elevated living.

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