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Commercial Projects

BE Projects has extensive experience working in sporting community environments and understand the parameters of these projects. We understand that the client requires the project to be the highest standard and cause minimal disruption weekend sports activities.

BE Projects Cockburn Wetlands

Cockburn Wetlands Precinct

2463 BE Projects (WA) Pty Ltd20.jpg

Dalvik Park Sports Pavilion

Ron Jose close to practicalcompletion.jpg

Ron Jose Sports Pavilion


Golden Bay Sports Pavilion 


Goomalling Sports & Community Centre


Harman Park Community Centre


Hungry Jacks New Store


Whiteman Park Visitor Centre


Hillview Hub

BEP - Lakelands (14).jpg

Lakelands Shared Sports


Kalamunda Districts Hockey Club

BE382 - Singleton

Singleton Sports & Community Centre

BE235 - Dhammasara

Dhammasara Buddhist Monastery 

BE494 - Goods Storage Facility (2).jpg

Murdoch Tilt Panel Storage Facility 

BE373 - St Augustine's Church

St Augustines Church & Community Centre

BE345 - Queens park  (89).JPG

Shared Spaces Facilites 

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