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Residential Construction Perth




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BE Projects is committed to building upon our reputation for the delivery of quality construction products and services of all scales and complexity, to the satisfaction of our clients. To achieve our objective we: Train and develop the skills of our staff to ensure the business is supported by competent and skilled people capable of achieving the objectives of today, and the future growth of tomorrow.

We ensure the BE Projects Business Management System is compliant and is continually reviewed and updated to reflect our business operations, and is implemented for the purposes of meeting or exceeding contract, code, statutory obligations, and customer requirements. We set targets and measure performance to continually improve our processes.

We pride ourselves in the delivery of quality construction products and services. This is embraced by all employees and is supported by a culture of teamwork based on reliable employees and contractors so that we continually achieve a consistent and high levels of customer satisfaction.



BE Projects seeks to minimise environmental impacts, achieve continual improvement and prevent pollution during construction activities. BE Projects believes its environmental policy will deliver economic, social, and environmental benefits to the company and the community. By promoting an environmentally aware culture and adopting risk management processes in dealing with environmental hazards, BE Projects aim to:

  • Reduce waste and pollution generated from construction activities.

  • Avoid and prevent environmental damage.

  • Avoid exposure of our employees and the public to environmental health hazards and risks.

  • Comply with relevant legislation.

  • Protect the natural environment and preserve and conserve culturally valued heritage.

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