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At BE Projects, we only work on One Off Architectural Designs, fuelled by our mission to be Perth’s Preferred for Architectural Solutions. This means we only work on projects that have not yet been built, no replication, giving you the comfort of knowing no one else will ever have a design like yours, so you always feel at home.

BE - Triangle house

The Triangle House


The Strand 


George & King 


The Hill Top 

Burswoord Apartments.jpg

Burswood Apartments

BE317 - Earls Court  (10).jpg

Thornlie Apartments


The Emergent House


Bromfield View

Onslow-2_HR - WEB.jpg

The Onslow 

BE476 - Daglish Residence (5).JPG

Daglish Earth 

BE341 - Maylands (69).JPG

Maylands Apartments

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