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We talk all things Architecture & Construction with Trevor Chudleigh, Architect - Principal. from Allan Davies & Trevor Chudleigh Architects

Tell us a bit about your firm:

Our Architectural practice specialises in bespoke and individual projects, both residential, commercial and community projects with a strong environmental design influence. We are pragmatic Architects who understand construction and concentrate on not only the design element of each project, but in delivering projects for our clients to completion of construction to meet and exceed their expectations.

What is a highlight of your career?

There have been many design and environmental awards for the practice over the last 30 years, however the highlight of our work is the delivery of a new project to a client. In the case of residential projects, it’s the satisfaction of meeting the clients needs and watching a client settle in and enjoy their new building/ extension. In a commercial or non residential project, seeing the end users make the most of the new building/ buildings as well as meeting the owners commercial goals. In that way we are fortunate to have this enjoyment on a regular basis in our working life.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration is usually found from our clients, the site and the desires the clients have to either create or change their building. Each project is different and each client brings a new set of desires and requirements. Some clients have a desire to use a new building structure type and we embrace this ti ensure the client gets the best outcome. Recently we re-built a house to a new design after the 2014 Stoneville bushfires using a pre fabricated wall and roof system and pre-fabricated windows that allowed us to achieve lockup on site 8 weeks after the slab was completed. We had not used this system before and by embracing the system, designing to make the most of the standard widths of panels etc allowed us to deliver a very high finished residence for the client to move back into 3 months earlier than we would normally have expected. This was a very enjoyable process and due to the clients unique situation inspired us to maximise the value of the end product and to be able to re-house the family in the

What’s hot in Architecture this year?

The increase in alternate and framed building construction in Perth and the introduction of Cross Laminated Lumber ‘CLT’ into Australia, as well as floor cassettes and other forms of pre-fabrication. All of the above influences are slowly changing the construction landscape, providing more flexibility of design and more options for Architects and the construction industry.

What’s your favourite product/finish?

Timber is our favourite material. Renewable plantation timber for framing, engineered beams and products which give you ease of construction and much flexibility. New and second hand timber for visual finishes, frames and lining to add warm natural feel and material to internal spaces.

When you are not at work, what keeps you busy?

Across our team, we have diverse interests outside of work, ranging from competitive ‘Fencing’ (sword type fencing, not post and rail), to ‘Forrest Car Rally’ competition when time allows.

What do you see for the WA Construction future?

As mentioned above, the greater acceptance of alternate construction methodologies and the greater uptake of on site pre-fabrication that allows for shorter on site build types is going to play a major part on the WA construction industry going forward. The challenge for us is to use these systems to their best advantage whilst still meeting the client’s requirements and designing unique and original projects.

What’s on the horizon for you and your company?

We have recently contracted a new staff member, an undergraduate with 18 months to the completion of her Architectural Masters. With the additional capacity another staff member will bring will allow us a little more time to explore more alternate constructions types and use of these into our projects.

W: E: P: 08 9250 1811

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