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BE Constructive Smart | Cavity Insulation

What is Cavity Insulation & why is it important? Cavity insulation is installed in the External Cavity created when building a double leaf brick work or brick veneer walls. Cavity Insulation has become an industry standard throughout the construction industry mainly to:

  1. Achieve 6 Star Energy Rating or greater by increasing the Energy Efficiency of the building, decreasing the transfer of thermal energy through the wall.

  2. To enhance the comfort and health of the occupants within the building through thermal insulating, sound proofing and also acting as a vapour barrier.

Who would typically specify or detail the cavity insulation? Detailing and specification for requirements and recommendations of cavity insulation is outlined in the National Construction Code of Australia. Detailing and assessment is typically part of the energy assessors’ review of the building to ensure the building achieves six star energy rating or better, with the cavity insulation, among other items is a factor in resolving this.

What happens if cavity insulation is not installed correctly? Due to the importance of cavity insulation, it is highly recommended to engage a qualified tradesman to complete the work in conjunction with the NCC and BCA.

At BE Projects, we use our bricklaying Quality Assurance Checklist as a prompt to consider cavity insulation among other factors we have identified in our experience as relevant to producing a high quality cavity brick wall and or cavity masonry construction outcome.

Sources of Information

  • Australian Standards;

  • AS3700

  • CM20042

  • NCC Volume 1 Section B1.4


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