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BE Constructive Smart | Creating a Movement

CREATING A MOVEMENT... BE Projects provides construction solutions to the commercial and residential sectors, building structures of a high value to our clients. We thrive on getting the details accurate and becoming the preferred solution for architects, our clients other professionals, suppliers and trades. To achieve this we take pride in understanding the unique and individual needs of every detail in our projects. BE Projects “BE Constructive Smart” fact sheet series is designed to provide you a clear and factual guide to what we believe is industry best practice for our team, Architects, Sub-contractors and the Perth construction community. The “BE Constructive Smart” fact sheets will be a mixture of content, sharing some of the lessons and experiences we have built over our journey linking back to the BCA and Australian Standards. Issued periodically, the roll out will feature some of the following topics: - Waterproofing - Cavity Insulation - Roof Plumbing - Pouring Concrete - Architectural Concrete

The series is designed to start conversations and share the knowledge in construction,

Watch below and I can talk you through it.


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